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Nicole Saleske, FPN

Nicole Saleske is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a passion to serve both women and their children. Having dealt with autoimmune disease, hormone issues, thyroid issues, and infertility herself, Nicole has a unique passion for helping women find the root causes of their issues to give them back their quality of life. She often says “you are not broken” when explaining how the body works, and that it is possible to meet the baby many couples only dream of.

Nicole offers compassionate care and would love the opportunity to become the natural-minded provider your family has been searching for. She believes in using medications only as a last-resort, and will always strive to help your body perform the way it was designed, instead of covering up symptoms with a medication. She would be honored to serve you and your family and help to guide you on your journey of getting OFF your medications.

In her free time, Nicole loves spending time with her husband and three young children. She has a thrill for adventure and loves travel, downhill skiing, and Disney World of course!

Nicole lives in Pulaski, WI with her husband Aaron and their children Simon, Lucy and Eliza.